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A letter to our valued members and visitors.

The RenexPro Customer Relationship Management system (or CRM) is a free service for all contractors large and small. It is part of our ongoing commitment to helping contractors quickly connect, retain and manage new and existing customers. Many companies charge between $30 to $50 per month for a service similar to the RenexPro CRM, yet their systems are not tailored specifically to service contractors in the home improvement industry. The RenexPro CRM is! Our service is free for any contractor and will help them manage leads purchased from any source. Buying leads or being a member of is not a requirement to use this software.

In months to come we will be adding more and more functionallity to our software to help contractors manage their suppliers and vendors. This will also be free!

We are happy to have you join our community of contractors and we wish you much success in the years to come.

. Calendar - Manage your leads and appointments on line
. Address Book - Never lose another phone number or address
. Lead Management - Maximize return on investment by ensuring all sales opportunities are fully explored and managed
. Reporting - Track the status of your leads
. Manage Your Sales Team - Know who your sales reps are talking to
. Manage Suppliers - Streamline communication between your company and your suppliers
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To learn how RenExpro CRM 2.0 can help your business, call 1-877-247-2571
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